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Color Cafe Testimonials ─ Words of Appreciation

Talitha Marko

5 months ago

Friendly staff, and very helpful, understanding and patient👍. Nice selection, and you can choose to paint what you buy there or at home and they provide you with the paint for iether place you choose to paint. As well as seal them. The price of the figure includes all. My daughter and I are painting ours at home and bringing them back to seal, as I want my daughter to take time to focus on the details.

Louwelie Laserna

a month ago

This is fun and amazing place to go for people of all ages who enjoys doing arts and crafts! I have two students who loves to go to this studio as staff are like family and are always around to help out. This studio also offers discount for people with disabilities which is really great! Great for family bonding, art class and so much more!

Misia Rajzyngier

2 weeks ago

My boyfriend and I went to Color Cafe for Valentine's Day. I am beyond pleased with our decision to do that for V-Day. This studio is the best in the city! Not only is it the oldest one in Calgary, but it is owned by a very sweet, generous and invested family. They were all hands on, and it is quite rare to see an owner cashing people out, refilling drinks and bringing up the atmosphere. We were greeted with some nice beverages, seated at a candle lit table and were treated like royalty while painting our pottery. When leaving, we were given a rose and a cupcake on our farewell. I will surely be returning with my boyfriend and friends because Color Cafe in Kensington went above and beyond. The customer service was unmatched. You guys were great! Thank you & See you soon!

Ann Escotido

2 months ago

It was a fun experience while we we're at Color Cafe, I had a great time painting the pottery that I choose , it so relaxing while you painting your pot, there's no rush in doing it. The staff are so accommodating to all the things that you while I'm there, there's lots and lots of paint colours you can choose for. I encourage other people to try, it's amazing. And the finish crafts that you made it's beautiful and awesome.

Leah F

3 months ago

This is the perfect place to go for a date. It is super fun to be creative together, and enjoy light conversation (although you may get sucked into how fun the painting is and forget to talk!)

My husband and I decided to paint some pieces for Christmas presents, and we have been having a blast! Joe is great. He has been so welcoming and supportive, and it feels good to make personalized gifts. No matter your skill level you can make something awesome. There are a ton of options for what to paint, and you should definitely come check them out.

Christopher Lawrence

7 months ago

The staff are super friendly, helpful and fun to be around. They always have little events that make the painting experience even more enjoyable. The last one I attended was painting with goats. I am not really a painter but there are lots of little things you can do to make your piece fun and enjoyable and something you would want to display.

Whenever my spouse and I are in doubt about how to spend an afternoon we choose Color Cafe in Kensington. They have so many options to choose from and there is more than one kind of experience you can have. From ceramics, to glass, to canvas. Great for a date, or fun with the kids. The owners always remember our names and so we feel really special when we go in. The piece below had not been kilned yet! Also... the goats were part of the experience on the day I went! Also, they have a little cafe inside where you can get a beverage and sometimes a little snack if they have them (I think because of covid the snacks went away).

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