Wheel Throwing Basics

By Color Cafe® | April 21, 2024

While wheel-throwing can only be learned through experience, it is helpful to understand the logistics of the practice before beginning. Using wet clay is a process that takes a long time and lot’s ofpatience, but truly anyone can learn to master the skills.Before throwing on a wheel, you first need to wedge the clay. Wedging…

Make a Date to Create

By Color Cafe® | February 8, 2023

This Valentine’s Day, add a new kind of date to the roster: paint-your-own pottery. There is so much romance in creating something together, even if you don’t self identify as artists. Find pieces that remind you of each other, create something you can use together, paint a Cookie Jar to hold your baked goods, paint…

a mother and daughter bonding

Give the Gift of an Experience this Holiday Season

By Color Cafe® | November 17, 2022

When shopping for holiday presents, it’s hard to know where to get the mostmeaningful gifts that will stay in someone’s life. And with so many trendy fads, massive lines at big boxstores, and understocking as a bi-product of Covid-19 shortages, holiday shopping can be a completenightmare. Some of the best gifts are experience-based. We may…

Color Café Christmas pottery making event poster

Who’s Ready for the Holidays?

By Color Cafe® | November 17, 2022

Are you as excited about the holidays as we are? It’s never too early to start creating hand-made gifts for your loved ones, and paint-your-own pottery is the perfect way to do just that. WALK IN to paint Pre-made pottery pieces (over 1000 to choose from), classes are also offered (perhaps on wheel throwing, canvas…

a woman posing next to a table with three jars

Make Cooking More Fun with PYOP

By Color Cafe® | November 16, 2022

While cooking can be a drag, paint-your-own pottery can make your kitchen a colorful and inviting space filled with tools you actually want to use and maybe even display! With complete control over the colors and design of your pieces, adding ceramics into your kitchen may make it a bit more of anenticing place. Beyond…

a real dog and a dog figurine

Pets Deserve Pottery Too!

By Color Cafe® | November 6, 2022

While they may not be able to pick out and design their pieces, our four-legged friends do so much for us and our households – why not treat them to a new dish, or honor them with a customized piece of decor for your home? There are many ways to get your furry (or not…

art therapy

Creativity is the perfect addition to a self-care routine

By Color Cafe® | November 2, 2022

A study was conducted with students 5 to 18 years old. When asked what they wanted to be when they grew up, researchers found that those interested in being an artist dramatically dropped starting at age 10. This can be attributed to more self-awareness of their talents, the ability to compare themselves to others (and…