Pets Deserve Pottery Too!

While they may not be able to pick out and design their pieces, our four-legged friends do so much for us and our households – why not treat them to a new dish, or honor them with a customized piece of decor for your home?

There are many ways to get your furry (or not furry!) friends involved in your pyop (paint your own pottery) adventures. Bisque pottery lines at Color Cafe include items like water and food bowls, designed in various shapes and sizes to fit every pet’s needs. Some even have details like collars to add initials or ceramic paws for the dish to stand on, which you could color to match your pet’s likeness.

You may have heard of the concept of hand printing onto pottery, which many people do to keep a snapshot of a particular moment in their children’s lives. The same can apply to pets! Puppy paws can be printed onto mugs, dishes, treat jars, and anything they fit on! You could even do a print at puppy age and then return for more in monthly increments or after a year to see how much they have grown. Underglazes used in studios are nontoxic and washable, so there is no risk of harm to your animal friend.

Another route to take is painting a pottery animal to have the likeness of your pet. Bring a photo of your pet to your local studio, and the studio associates can help you pick out glazes that best match the colors of your pet. There are many animal options to choose from when picking pyop pieces, so more realistic or cartoony is up to you! Or, painting a pet portrait on a platter or plaque would honor them, too.

In whatever way you choose to get your pet involved, there is plenty of room for them in the sphere of paint-your-own-pottery! Getting creative is not just for humans.

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